Why capture?

Why Capture on paper?

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Your can't beat it

My wallet is with me all the time. Who knows when lightning is going to strike, something's are going to occur to me I need to deal with. I've got a pad and a pen, can't beat it.

David Allen

Compact & roadworthy

Superb craftsmanship! I've had mine for just an over a week, but can easily see this capture wallet as my trusted companion for years to come. The material is surprisingly thick, yet the wallet is very lightweight and compact.

Jukka Backman - Jun 24, 2019

Slender, quick, and socially friendly

This wallet is small and slender enough to easily carry with you when you’re out and about, even for us ladies with smaller and fewer pockets. Additionally, writing with a pen has been proven to improve memory retention.

Christina Skaskiw - Jun 24, 2019

Capture Tools

David Allen walks you through the essence on Capturing everything that has your attention.

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