Artisan Capture Wallet - WITHOUT PEN

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Made by hand and with love by third generation Artisan Leather Artist Hasan Mat. Hasan is a real artist and have made beautiful  leather wares for over 40 years. These wallets are made with first grade calfskin and colored using only natural ingredients. They are all unique and beautiful with the visible stitching in grey waxed thread for a lasting experience. If you like to be different and stand out a bit this wallet is for you.

Each wallet has been personally inspected by us to ensure a good experience for you for years to come.

For those of you who remember, and maybe even bought, a David Allen® Notetaker Wallet, we bring you a replica of this made of the finest leather by some of the most talented leather workers in the World.
Since David Allen Company® stopped selling the Notetaker Wallet we have longed for someone to start making them again. Because it is such a handy capturing tool. And since no one ever did we decided to make them ourselves. And boy am I happy we did. I love my new Capture Wallet!

See a short video with David Allen on capturing tools and why he thinks you can't beat the wallet.

PLEASE NOTE: The Pen in the photos are for illustration only. You can source the pen by searching the web for Zebra SL-F1 Mini Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm. 

Morten Røvik
Certified GTD® Master Trainer

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